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Best NJ Online Casino App in 2023

Welcome to this insight into finding the best NJ online casino app for playing slots and table games on the move. This choice can be more important than you think, as it can affect both your enjoyment and your winnings.

This is because some best NJ gambling apps are better than others, and here is where you can find out which is the right one for you without having to try out each one individually, which could waste more time than you would like. Here, you can see at a glance which operators have apps, and which are the best.

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The benefits of using apps for Casino gaming – how NJ gambling apps can revolutionize the way you use online casinos

Online casino apps are not a new thing, but it is only in the last few years that they have really become game changers for people who like to play online casino games on the move. It was not the same for sportsbook users, for whom the transition from desktop to a mobile device (one that is either Android or iOS compatible) was an easier one as the operation of placing a bet is not as reliant on a factor like speed of connection.

While this is still important, if you were an online casino user you could often face a host of lag and loading problems before you had even placed their first wager. Now that technology finally has sped up even the most basic of connections, this makes a lot of those problems a thing of the past and the new jersey online casino app has, at last, come into its own.

Why apps are typically better than ‘mobile friendly’ websites

The main question around apps is why they need to exist if the operator website is mobile responsive. While this is covered in a great more detail later on, the quick answer to this can usually be found with a simple demonstration. Just using an app for even five minutes will often highlight how much easier an app is to navigate, especially when trying to find a particular slot among hundreds, or a particular table game without plenty of scrolling.

Also, apps on every new sportsbook New Jersey has to offer are typically faster than the website as they are designed primarily to run on mobile devices, and not just to work on them ‘as well’ although in some cases the mobile responsive version of the website is all that is available, as an app is yet

Overall, apps have the edge in the majority of cases, however that will depend entirely on how well the app has been put together. As we have already mentioned, some of them are better than others, which is why you often need an expert eye to do much of the groundwork for you.

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How we help you find the best apps – Finding you the best gambling apps NJ has to offer.

As you probably know, the choice of online casinos in New Jersey rivals any other state, which consequently means that there is also a very wide range of mobile casino new jersey apps to choose from. While some apps are a real boost to playing online casino games on the move, others can make life difficult and even possibly cost you money in lost winnings.

For that reason, checking out online reviews is essential as not only are our team of expert reviewers testing out the apps so you don’t have to, the reviewer may well have more experience than you with apps and spot something you might otherwise have missed. This means that when we review apps, we cover a range of areas you might not be aware of, and with that in mind - here is an overview of what we examine.

The operator behind the app

We’ll start with the most basic of things, which is that our app reviews are only conducted on secure, licensed operators and if they do not measure up you won’t find them on the website. You’ll see that out operator reviews look deep into who you might be trusting your money with, and that can often include taking a look at parent and partner companies of the operator.

Availability and system requirements

While this might seem like quite a big deal, what it means in reality is much simpler. We look to see whether the app is available from the most legitimate sources, which will typically be Google Play or the App Store, and not available only via the operator website via some other method involving ‘sideloading’ a practice that is typically not recommended by the makers of your device. We also check it is available on both platforms; and that Android, or more usually Apple users are not left out in the cold.

We also report on what kind of device an app needs to run effectively, because if it only runs on the latest top of the range gadgets, then it won’t be right for a lot of users, and you are likely to encounter any number of problems if you try and use it.

Usability and design

This moves us nicely into the next thing we report on, which is how easy it is to use. We look to see if you can do all things you can do on the desktop site on the app as well, and not give yourself a headache doing it. Much of this will depend on how well the app is put together, and this a key issue as there is no use joining an operator if the app is unusable, regardless of the size of the bonus.

Mobile payment methods

This examination will include the normal running of your account and not just playing slots or blackjack in the car park on your lunch break. So, we look at which payment methods are available when using the app including ones that might be easier to use, or exclusive to mobile devices.

This also goes for bonuses as well, from normal welcome bonuses to ones you would activate with a  NJ online casino no deposit bonus code. This is because many operators want you to download the app so will offer exclusive bonuses for those using their services on mobile devices. It should be noted though, that these are currently few and far between; but that said, you can expect to see them becoming much more popular in the very near future.

Data and live streams

Another key area to look at is the amount of data the app burns through while you play, which can be a major concern to those on limited data contracts with their cell phone supplier. Depending on who you are with, this can limit how much you can play or will incur further charges if you go over your allowance. For online casino apps this can also include live dealer games which are always popular with those looking for a more authentic casino experience, but operate using video feeds which we all know can really use up those gigs.

Mobile customer service

For this reason, the use of apps will open up a whole new range of potential issues that you wouldn’t have got from the desktop website, like losing service in the middle of a game where you have a winning hand. So, we also look to see if mobile customer support is available for these issues and if you do contact them, are they any good?

Editor’s recommendation — which was the best out of all the  gambling apps NJ has to offer?

When looking for the best new NJ online casino app, as you have already seen, there can be a lot to consider. So, if spending time looking through all of the reviews isn’t for you at the moment (although we would recommend it) then our editor's recommendation might be of more use to you. To come up with this, we have reviewed every major operator and examined their app to look for the best one before coming up with this recommendation.

In a nutshell, the recommendation is one that goes a long way in ticking all of the boxes we’ve listed above and is, as you would expect, a major player already with a pedigree that has been proven in several territories as well as New Jersey. As a major player, they have the resources to deliver a top of the range app that is available on both Android and iOS devices, as well as being easily downloadable from perfectly legitimate sources with a minimum of fuss.

Our editors recommendation then is for the BetMGM online casino app which offers over 470 slots, table games and live dealer games as well. You know that this operation is going to deliver a great experience because of the affiliation with land-based casinos, so it’s easy to see they know what they are doing.

You can also manage your account from the app and contact customer service which means it can effectively replace the desktop version of the site if you choose, which many would consider the real test of an app's usability.

Finding the right operator for you – which NJ gambling apps might be a good fit?

While our recommendation will be a good fit for most people, it might not be quite right for you. There are plenty of apps available to online casino customers in New Jersey, so if BetMGM doesn’t meet your specific needs, it doesn’t have to be the end of your search - as we have all of the resources you need to find exactly what you are looking for.

You’ve seen above the criteria we look through when reviewing and rating each operator's app, so you can see which ones tick the box of being easily available through Google or the app store. You’ll see  which ones will burn through the most data, but most importantly for most people, which ones are the easiest to manage your account from.

We’ll also give you the full breakdown on which ones have the most games available for you to play, and if table games or even live dealers are available too if you want them. This way, if you just play slots, you can pick an app which majors in those, or if your passion is live dealer games, you’ll want one that works well with the live feeds and doesn’t have lag issues when you are just using your  normal mobile data connection on the move.

You’ll see each of our reviews is broken down into these crucial areas so you can easily find the particular features you are looking for. You will also quickly see that they all cover the exact same criteria, it will be easy to find that same feature in a number of reviews easily for you to make quick comparisons and find what you need.

As you can see, our reviews will have pretty much done all of your homework for you, and we take pride in the fact that we have done it objectively and with an expert eye. Because of this, using our reviews can save you time and effort as well as potentially saving you from making a costly mistake like downloading something to your mobile device that will do it no good at all.

What if an operator doesn’t have an app? – Why not having a NJ online casino app doesn’t have to be a problem

As we mentioned above, even though they are becoming more popular, not every online casino operator will have an NJ online casino app that allows you to play slots and table games on the move. If this is the case, we won’t exclude operators entirely (as they may have something to offer like a great welcome bonus) but instead examine their mobile responsive website instead, using much of the same criteria as we would if they had an NJ online casino app.

Clearly, as it’s not an app we can’t cover some areas like availability and the necessary download criteria, but we can certainly report back on other crucial factors such as the usability and functionality of the mobile site, and then compare it to what we found while using the desktop site.

As we pointed out above, the mobile website might be lacking in several areas compared to an app, but if it is all that is available, it can still have some  redeeming features, the most obvious being that it will look and work like the desktop site, with no new features or menus to contend with. This will be especially important for those that feel more comfortable with the familiarity of the desktop site, and all they are really after is exactly the same as they normally use, just on the move.

Finally, we need to report that these mobile website reviews are carried out in the same depth as the app reviews. So if you like a particular operator but are still undecided on whether or not to open an account because of the lack of an app, these reviews can help you make up your mind. You don’t necessarily have to miss out on that generous welcome bonus you might have had your eye on.

Five essential tips for betting on the go – how you can make the absolute most out of your NJ gambling apps

Whether you are using an app or a mobile-optimized website however, you got it because you want to play casino games on the move. This might be either because you want to play during breaks from work, or you happen to travel away a lot, and want something to do to pass the time you would normally spend with your family.

Regardless of what the exact reason happens to be, there are some definite do’s and don’ts to playing online casino apps or mobile sites on the move, that can affect your enjoyment, how much you can potentially win or lose, or even whether you can play safely or not.

Download the app from a legitimate source

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’ll mention this one yet again because it is very important. Previously, you often had to get an app onto your mobile devices by a process called ‘sideloading’ which was often fraught with technical problems and, as you might have already heard, sometimes led to one or two security issues.

Now that the majority of reputable online casino operators in New Jersey are on Google and the App store, there is no real reason for you to get an app from anywhere else - if you are sensible, you probably shouldn’t.

Check your location

This one might seem every bit as obvious as the first one, but it is overlooked so many times that it is only good sense that gets repeated here. If you are using a New Jersey casino app, you should really only be using it here and not in any other state, especially not one where the legislation does not allow online casino games just yet. Luckily, these days many apps are geolocated so they can find out where you are, and warn or exclude you before you can get started, but this does not cancel out any of your own responsibility to make sure it does not happen.

Don’t use public WI-FI

If you are burning through your data at a rate of knots, it might be tempting to just log onto a local public Wi-Fi service to carry on playing, just to finish up those last few spins, or make the most of that winning run at blackjack. The easy tip here is ‘don’t’ - but to go into more detail, these networks are not things you should be using to transmit your personal or financial data. It might be fine for watching Netflix while you’re waiting in line for your coffee, but not if you’re playing slots or especially if you are adding funds to your account or requesting a withdrawal.

Keep a close eye on your data usage

As a follow on from what’s been said above, while you are using your own data there is something you need to be careful of. That is to make sure you are not going to run out in the middle of something important like a game of blackjack with a live dealer. As functions like these tend to be very heavy on the data usage, you could go from a first data warning to running out completely very quickly, which could be very inconvenient and possibly quite costly, so check your data balance and top up if necessary before you start anything that you feel might take some time.

Make sure you have a reliable connection

Finally, and another extension to the point above, you should also not start playing if you think you might lose your connection in the middle of a game. This might easily occur if you are a passenger in a car or using public transport, and the vehicle you are in might go into an area where there is no service. If this happens in the middle of a live game it can be costly if you were in a good position just before your phone signal went dead.

This is another point where planning is essential, and unless you can reliably check service levels before you leave, don’t get involved in anything crucial on a journey you’ve never been on before.

Conclusion – Using online resources can make finding the best NJ gambling apps much easier

Finding the best NJ online casino app doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be if you don’t take advantage of the resources available to you. Firstly, there are plenty of apps available as well as mobile optimized sites, but some are much better than others.

For that reason, when deciding which is the best one, you should look to specialist or even expert advice to make the whole process easier, or better still find somewhere that has already done all of the hard work for you. A reliable site like this one will only contain reviews from legitimate operators and will know exactly what to look for to find an app that works for you.

We have an editor's recommendation, but if for some reason that does not fit the bill, you can use our reviews to hone down the criteria and find exactly what you are looking for.

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NJ online casino app FAQ

💭 Where can I find the best NJ online casino app

Looking for the right online app can take more time than you would like, so usually it is best to look for somewhere that has already done the work for you. This can save you time and effort, and you will probably end up with more information than you could find by yourself. This information is typically found in online reviews which take an in depth look at all aspects of an app's performance and is likely to be able to tell you everything you need to know to find exactly what you are looking for.

🗬 Are NJ online casino apps safe to download?

Unfortunately, the answer here is ‘it depends’. This is because it can vary according to the content of the app, how well it was designed, but most importantly where you are intending on downloading it from. If this all sounds like a minefield, using online reviews to find the legitimate operators and the best apps might be the best way forward. That way you can get all of the information you need without taking any risk yourself.

🤔 Is an NJ online casino app better than just using the mobile site?

Many operators have mobile responsive versions of their website for you to use, but these are not always the best thing to use. At the same time apps can be limited to what you can do compared to the mobile site, as functionality will vary from app to app and operator to operator. The easiest way to find out which is the best for what you want to do without checking out each one for yourself is to check out the online reviews which will give you all of the details you need to make the best decision possible.

💡 Are there any special bonuses available for NJ online casino app users?

Clearly, operators want you to use their services as much as possible and the easiest way of doing that is for you to use their app so you can play wherever you happen to be. One way of motivating users to download the app would be to offer some kind of incentive like a bonus. By checking out the online reviews, you will be able to see which operators offer a bonus to those who open an account using the mobile app.

💵 Can I make withdrawals using my mobile app?

As you probably know from bitter experience, there are often a number of things you have to do before you can make a withdrawal from an online casino. To make the process easier, some operators will allow you to manage certain parts of your account like making withdrawals from the mobile app. However, this will vary between operators so the best way to find out is to read the online reviews which take an in depth look at important areas like this one.

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