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The team at NJ x Gambling researches every element of legalized online gambling in New Jersey. Since you can legally play online bingo in the state, we’ve looked at game choice, availability, chat features, and much more.

Would you like to get some online bingo NJ games to dive into? We’ve assessed the possibilities here and brought you our tips and suggestions for finding the best sites to visit. Keen to know where to go and which bingo games you can try? Keep reading to learn everything you ought to know before you sign up.

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Who can use this online bingo NJ comparison?

Are you wondering if this comparison is going to be right for you? Some comparisons target new players who have never tried any NJ online bingo machines before. Does that include you? If you’ve been to real bricks and mortar venues offering bingo games to play, you might wonder what it’s like switching to the online version. You’ll find out by reading through our New Jersey bingo comparison guide here. It might take a little getting used to, but it’s really the same game you know and love, just a little different playing it online. And you’ll still find you can chat with other bingo players too, as we find out later.

Having focused on newcomers to the online bingo game, you might feel left out if you’ve played some online bingo before. Some sites have offered bingo free of charge with no real prizes - a bit like playing solitaire on an app. That’s just for entertainment, so some players certainly want to move on to the next best thing - the real bingo games with real cash prizes. If you live anywhere in New Jersey, it’s reassuring to know you’ve got a few sites to choose from when you want to play some bingo. Even if you’ve got some experience at one of these sites, you might be looking for somewhere else to play. Maybe you’re struggling to find games that are live when you’re ready to play, for example. Perhaps the casino you’re using doesn’t have any big prizes, or there’s no chatroom, or no hosts to encourage participation among players.

February 26, 2013 was a major day for New Jerseyans hoping to be able to get the chance to play at legalized online casino websites for the first time. While they weren't able to do that on the day, they did get confirmation that the law was changing. Bill A2578 doesn’t sound too interesting, and yet that’s the bill that changed things. It was the Bill that passed through the New Jersey Legislature, paving the way for casinos to take their operations online, if they applied for and received the required permit to do so via the state.

Eventually, casino, poker, and sports betting all became legal in New Jersey, giving players the chance to play whatever games they wished. Suddenly, it was possible to look for online casino bonuses too, whether for bingo games, slots, or an NJ online poker bonus. When it came to bingo, Virgin Casino broke new ground in the state, becoming the first site to introduce online bingo to their overall offering. They still offer it today to those living (and physically present in) the Garden State. There are now other offerings from other brands in the industry as well, giving players more control over where to find their favorite NJ online bingo machines. Come with us on this journey as we check out the bingo possibilities for calling house within NJ state borders.

Evaluating operators: 5 things we always check out in our comparisons

You can always count on us to explore all these areas… and more.

1: Has each site been legally approved to operate in New Jersey?

This is about the most important thing to check before going anywhere else with our comparisons and operator reviews. Every site should show the logo for the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Look for the DGE logo complete with die whenever you’re on a site that claims to possess a permit to operate within NJ state borders. We go further than this when evaluating different sites though, looking them up independently to make 100% sure they’re covered by a permit - and that the permit is still in force and hasn’t expired.

2: Is the site fully encrypted and safe to visit and use?

The quick way to begin this part of our reviews is to check whether that famous little padlock is at the beginning of the URL in the search bar. If it is, we know the casino has taken steps to make sure they have an https:// address. Beyond this, we look for confirmation of encryption when managing your deposits and withdrawal requests. You’ll want to know that your information is safe and secure throughout, whether you’re depositing to play some online bingo NJ or withdrawing a cool prize after getting a full house. We also evaluate how clear certain websites are about their efforts in this area. The more details we can easily get, the more promising it all looks. All this takes time, so we can usually save you plenty of it by assessing all these items before we compile our reviews.

3: Do they offer clear and fair terms and conditions?

Some websites have a standard set of terms that covers the entire site, but others issue an individual set of terms covering bonuses as well. We’ve found websites offering bingo games along with an introductory bingo bonus, for example, and we’ve read through a separate set of terms and conditions for those. Regardless of the approach taken, though, the most vital thing here is to make sure you can understand the terms and know how to stick to them. If you don’t, you could end up falling foul of a rule and losing out on your bingo bonus or even running into issues withdrawing. Fortunately, we always cover all Ts and Cs and make sure you’ve got the latest highlights (and lowlights, if there are any) for all the terms we read on the sites offering NJ online bingo machines.

4: Do they offer clear information on bingo and other games?

Knowing how to play each casino game is hugely important. If you’re playing bingo, you should be able to read the rules of the game before you begin. These should be clear on the odds of winning as well. While this should be available on all sites and games, we’ve noticed that some websites guide you toward this information more than others. Stay put for our editor’s bingo recommendation coming soon, and you’ll see what we mean when we say this. It’s all part of the user-friendly nature of using any online casino, whether for online slots NJ or anything else - and yes, that includes bingo. Even if you think you know how to play, things might be a little different for an online game. Some developers like to tweak their bingo games to make them stand out and become more appealing, which does make sense. We check on this and on the rules for each game whenever we find some.

5: What is their approach to deposits and withdrawals?

There’s plenty to digest here too, as you’d expect. For starters, we always check out the different ways you can make deposits and withdrawals. If there are fewer withdrawal methods than deposits, we’ll highlight those during our comparisons. Just because a deposit method is available, you may not always be able to use it to withdraw your funds. We also look at the minimum withdrawal amounts you can work with, and whether the site makes any charges for withdrawals, whether below a certain amount or across the board. We’d expect each casino to follow the rules on identity confirmation before making a withdrawal - and we highlight those that may not stick to these rules, and thus would raise a red flag.

Our editor recommendation for online bingo NJ

Are you ready to discover our top recommendation in this category for fans of online bingo games who are keen to play in New Jersey? We had to go for the first site to introduce bingo in the state - and that would be Virgin Casino. The Virgin name is certainly going to be familiar to you, as it’s been around since 1970, when Richard Branson first came up with the name (and brand).

That brand has reached into all kinds of areas since, from record shops (remember those?) to space travel. So, the idea of reaching into the world of online casinos in the UK, where Branson began the business, and beyond, to the US, makes sense too. The website may not offer NJ sportsbook odds, as there’s no sportsbook, but there are lots of highlights for the keen bingo player to check out.

If you search for bingo games on a few other NJ-based casino websites, you may think you’ve found a specific game, Bingo Billions. But be careful, as that one is actually a slot game. Virgin Casino, on the other hand, has a specific area for its online bingo - right in the middle of the menu offering five places to go on its website. This means you’ll save time trying to find it, as it can be a bigger challenge on some sites compared with others. We loved the fact that Virgin Bingo was clear, obvious, and easy to access from the start - just as it should be.

This does make it easy to find the bingo page, so you can begin reading more about it, although you won’t be able to check out the bingo schedule until you’ve created an account and signed in as a member of the site. That said, it’s easy enough to get through this process, with the last four digits of your SSN number confirming your age and ability to play some online bingo NJ.

Next steps

Once on the bingo page, you’ll see there’s a cashback bonus waiting for you there. This also confirms that you need to be within state borders and aged 21 or over to play. Scroll a short distance down from there and you’ll see the presence of 90-ball bingo. This gives multiple chances to receive a prize from each game, so it’s a classic and much-loved version of bingo to include. There are three prizes available as well, with the first offered for completing a line and the second for completing two lines. The first player to complete their whole bingo card receives the top prize for doing so. It’s the one everyone wants to get, right?

Another highlight at Virgin Bingo is that they offer a Super Jackpot as well, although no amounts are highlighted without signing in and checking on the games. This is explained as a prize given only to those getting a full house within a set quantity of bingo numbers. As you’d imagine, it doesn’t happen every time, but when it does, it adds a thrill to the game.

Would you also like the chance to try some BOGO Bingo? You’ve got it. Virgin Casino always offers plenty of potential, perhaps even including the occasional online casino free spins offer. In this part of the bingo area, you’ve got confirmation that games take place from 10am daily, running through until 11pm every night. They begin every 30 minutes too, so you’re never far away from the next one beginning, even if you’ve just missed the start of a game.

While you can’t enter any of the games or even check the online bingo NJ schedule without being a member, you can still read more about the experience you’d have on the site. Most importantly, they reveal the presence of a chatroom. This is an element of online bingo you can’t always rely on, so it’s good to see you’ve got the ability to chat with other players throughout New Jersey as you play your favorite bingo games. This is the Virgin Casino Lounge. We think it’s a great idea to check that out when you visit for the first time, just to see how it works alongside the games.

We should say that the chatroom isn’t just about getting to know other players. They reveal that the chat hosts launch other games too, within the chat area. They might also reveal the occasional bonuses you won’t find anywhere else, so it’s worth getting used to this aspect of Virgin Bingo. It certainly makes the site more social and appealing to use.

Knowing how to spot your ideal operator for NJ online bingo machines

So… are you ready to sign up to play some NJ online bingo machines? If so, there are still some ways you can make doubly sure you choose the most relevant site for you. We know there are a few possible sites you can sign up to when you’re looking to shout ‘house’ with some online bingo New Jersey action.

At NJ x Gambling, you’re always going to get the truth throughout our comparisons and all our other content. We supply the details many other sites skip over when providing info for all New Jersey players.

How can our operator comparisons help?

When you read through our comparisons, you’ll see there’s plenty to learn. We sprinkle in lots of facts and tips throughout our operator reviews, so we’re confident every bingo player (and would-be bingo player) throughout the Garden State can find something they can benefit from to take their bingo games to a new and exciting level.

The team at NJ x Gambling is in prime position to explore all the best NJ online casinos  and online bingo sites around today. We’re keen to make sure we’re truthful about every site, bonus, and feature we review, so we go far deeper than many other review sites, as you may already have noticed.

To do this, we compile all our comparisons by following numerous points and criteria. So, whenever you read one of our comparisons, you’ll know we’ve gone over the points included here. If you’re seeking honest, realistic, and accurate information intended only for those living in New Jersey, USA, you’re in the best place right here.

We’re keen to confirm the legitimacy of every site we visit and review. Fortunately, there are some big operators running services within state borders in NJ and offering bingo and numerous other games too, as our operator reviews clarify for you.

5 ultimate tips on how to use the best online bingo NJ websites

You can fine tune your approach by considering the following pointers before you begin the signup process. Check out our tips to make sure you pick a promising site.

1: How many types of bingo are available?

There could be limitations in this area, just as you might notice if you’re looking to play online craps New Jersey, for instance. Even the same game offered by two different developers can look very different and have a completely separate feel and approach to it. Some casinos might have a separate bingo area, while others might only offer a single game within the main casino. It’s worth looking around and comparing sites before committing to the one you’re most keen on using.

The two most popular types are 75-ball and 90-ball bingo. You may see one, other, or both of those at your selected site. Do you love one more than the other? Check and make sure that one is on your chosen site. If you want variety, look for both options if you can.

2: Can you play bingo games every day?

The best NJ online bingo machines should be available daily, but we’ve seen some sites around the wider internet that only have games during the week. It’s not likely to happen when you’re looking for NJ bingo online at one of the leading sites, but it is worth looking into before you go to the trouble to sign up. You should also look at the availability of different bingo games if the site does offer more than one type. Do they stagger the games or make everything available all week? If you need to sign up to check on the full schedule, you should be able to do so without depositing.

3: Do games regularly start throughout the day?

You could pick 100 people from all over New Jersey and they’d likely all give you different times that they’d ideally be able to play some online bingo. Just as some people might want to try some online poker NJ during the day or in the depths of the night, so the same applies with bingo. Think about when you’d like to get online to play before you sign up, so you can see if the casinos you’re looking at have plenty of bingo games available during those times. Do you work shifts? You’ll want to make sure you can wind down with some bingo when you’re back home, wherever you live in the Garden State. Do you like a couple of games before bed at night… or do you wake in the early hours and want something to do then to pass the time?

4: Is there a bingo welcome bonus to claim?

Casinos love offering welcome bonuses, and we’ve often spotted specific bonuses for those using certain parts of a casino website. In this case, you’ll want to look for a bingo bonus when you sign up and deposit at your selected site for the first time. There are variations to think about here. Some might give away a no deposit offer, but you can usually count on a welcome deal of some sort anyway. This could be a deposit bonus or even some cashback, depending on how the site works. Check and compare a few sites offering online bingo New Jersey to see which one looks best for you. Don’t forget the small print either - we know it’s not the most thrilling thing to read, but it’s still the most important element of all.

5: Are there additional prizes for fast wins?

Within the framework of an online bingo game, there is a lot of potential for developers and casinos to offer extra prizes. For example, if you play a 90-ball bingo game, you’ve got the traditional one-line prize, two-line prize, and finally the full house. However, we’ve noticed that some sites add a jackpot prize if someone manages to get the full house within a certain number of calls.

This also has the potential to be progressive if the casino decides to approach it that way. Even if it’s a fixed prize though, you’ve still got that additional thrill of seeing how many numbers you can cross off, to see if you could get the full house within the required number of calls to snag that big prize. Twists like these can transform a good bingo offering into a more thrilling one if you can get it.

Concluding our NJ bingo online report

Is it time for you to dive in and begin playing some NJ online bingo machines? We hope you’re now aware of what you need to look for and find when you access some of the legalized sites in the state today. Here are some pointers to remember along the way:

  • Look for bingo game variety and availability
  • Watch out for a welcome offer you can use when playing online bingo games
  • Check whether you can chat with other players too

If you’re ready for the full New Jersey bingo experience online, you now know where to go to get the best bingo games available.

Our favorite bingo casino bonuses

Online bingo NJ FAQ

🆗 Is online bingo legal in New Jersey?

Bingo has been around for years, and easily transferred to the internet when it came along. At, we advise on whether you can legally play online bingo if you live within New Jersey borders. Get the latest information and updates on legalized online gambling to find out if you can enjoy some bingo in this state.

⭐ Can you play bingo online for real money?

Bingo works well online thanks to modern technology that allows people to play from all over the world. Yet it isn’t always legal to play for real cash everywhere. Even the laws in different US states vary from one another. The NJ x Gambling team explores the potential for paid bingo games to legally pop up on sites based in New Jersey, USA, today.

🌟 Can you play online bingo in the US?

There are many different forms of online bingo available across the world today. Some are only intended for entertainment and not for real cash prizes. Others have 90 balls, 75 balls, and other variations on the game. Some states have allowed online casinos to legally operate and bring in bingo among other casino games too, as we find out.

✔ Which New Jersey online casinos offer bingo?

If you live in New Jersey, you are in one of the leading US states to offer online gambling within state laws. However, not all legal sites offer the same crop of games. If you want to play some bingo, for instance, you need to check the games at each casino to find out which ones give you the chance to play this famous game.

⚡ Can I get an online bingo NJ welcome offer?

One of the most popular features at any online casino is the welcome offer or bonus. Some of these bonuses have strict conditions, and can only be used on specific games. We find out whether you can pick up a welcome offer at an online NJ casino that you can use to play online bingo games.

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