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Best New Jersey Sports Betting Apps in 2022

You’re on the hunt for the best betting apps NJ has to offer, am I right? Well, you're certainly in the right place as NJ x Gambling is New Jersey's premier source of information for everything related to the iGaming industry.

We provide experts and enthusiasts with insights needed to take their gaming experience to a whole new level. With decades of experience in the industry, we are the first point of contact for all online casino and sportsbook fanatics in New Jersey. On this page, we're giving you the rundown on the best sports betting apps NJ has to offer.

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The benefits of using apps for NJ betting and gaming

At this moment in time, it's very exciting to be a player within the state of New Jersey. It is certainly a thriving and booming sports betting market with lots to offer. Following the PASPA overturn, New Jersey was the first state to lift restrictions on legal sports betting. Since then, New Jersey has been at the forefront of iGaming in the US. While lots of players choose to play on desktops, the crowd of people using their mobile phones or tablets to place bets on sports continues to grow in size. There are many benefits of using apps for NJ betting and gaming. This includes direct access from wherever you are - all you need is a secure internet connection.

You certainly can't beat the convenience of being able to bet on the go. In addition to quick access and additional convenience, players who opt to use mobile apps can benefit from speedy transactions. With innovative mobile payment solutions, transactions are fulfilled within minutes. The only problem is that it's difficult for players to pick just one betting app! This is because there is a whole world of different options on the New Jersey market. The majority of NJ sportsbook apps are ready to download in the Apple or Google Play store.

While there are so many great apps readily available, the truth is, there are several factors that contribute towards an app being the best option for you. We've recognized this problem and created the solution. See our checklist below to see how we rate the most suitable options. From beginners to experts and everyone in between, this is the go-to page for you to find the best NJ gambling apps and get so much more useful information in the process. We strive to give you the very best picks. When we aim, we never fail to hit the target…

How we help you find the best NJ apps - Our top 5 criteria

When you’re looking for the top NJ sports betting apps, you need to have a few baseline standards in mind. Because the iGaming industry in NJ is growing and is highly competitive, there are very few places where you will find a truly unique sportsbook. You need to focus on the minute details to figure out which apps are better than others. Luckily, we do the nitty-gritty so you don't have to. Compare the very best options and choose with confidence in knowing that the relevant tests and reviews have been carried out.

Since each of the top NJ sports betting apps have unique features, they need to be reviewed in detail and then compared based on particular merits. Here are our top 5 criteria for rating NJ betting apps to ensure that you are getting the most out of your gaming experience.

Ease of access

Before players can begin to interact with an application, they need to be aware of its presence. Because of this, it's important for reputable apps to make themselves available on multiple platforms. Without wide accessibility for iOS, Android, and Windows users, it's not going to be possible for them to compete in such a competitive market. The app should have a user-friendly design with the correct SEO so that it will appear on the relevant app stores effortlessly. At NJ x Gambling, we don't overlook the small details and it's standard practice for us to review an app based on its SEO and user-friendliness.

Design & user experience

It’s crucial for the app to be visually appealing yet usable. When it comes to being known as the best app within a certain region of the US, the first impression is always a lasting impression. Therefore, the design of the app should not be overlooked by the operator. Cheerful colors work well; however, the design shouldn't be overly intense on graphics. For example, a graphically intense application would result in slow loading speeds. Also, too many graphics will create a somewhat overwhelming appearance that could lead to poor site navigation for the user. A fast loading speed and a user-friendly interface are what app operators need to prioritize.

Mobile payment methods

Players looking to use their mobile to play casino games or bet on sports are quite likely to want access to mobile payment methods too. Because of this, the best sports betting apps NJ has to offer all come with different deposit and payment methods suitable for mobile. Previously, the only payment options available were traditional methods like Visa and Mastercard. The NJ betting market is evolving at a rapid pace and players these days can benefit from several different mobile payment methods. This includes e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. Thanks to these innovations in mobile gaming, players can enjoy fast deposits and fast withdrawals without worrying about safety.

Live betting & streaming services

In the current market, players are moving into the world of live betting. A notable trend in New Jersey right now is in-play betting and live streaming. With such a high demand for live betting and streaming within the state, operators who fail to provide these services are missing out on a huge portion of the market. While most operators choose to provide in-play betting, only the most innovative companies are giving players access to both live streaming and in-play betting within a mobile app. Knowing that it requires advanced technology to live stream sports on a mobile phone, it's clear to see which operators are going the extra mile to keep up with the latest trends and please their audience.

Mobile friendly customer service

In the current world of betting in New Jersey, most operators need to provide players with a reliable customer care service. A professional customer care service is the backbone of any successful and sustainable operation. In general, most of the leading operators have a 24/7 live chat feature. This is one of the most efficient ways to provide customer support to different players. All of the best NJ sports betting apps should have this feature. Above all, the customer service should be seamlessly integrated into the mobile app in such a way that it has no effect on the user experience. If the operator runs on a global scale, the customer assistance needs to be available in all relevant languages.

Our app reviews are only conducted on secure, licensed operators

Whether you’re using your mobile to browse the web, do some shopping or enjoy iGaming, safety should always be the number one priority. While there are some potentially unsafe apps out there, you shouldn't worry. This is because we exclusively feature fully licensed casinos that provide players with access to a safe and secure mobile application. The fact we only promote fully licensed casinos means that you can rely on all the apps mentioned on our site to be safe and reliable.

All of the NJ sports betting apps on NJ x Gambling use powerful data encryption. This is in place to keep your monetary information secure at all times. Not only that, but you can also be certain all the apps we recommend provide you with completely fair gaming. This means all games are tested by third-party analysts to guarantee the results are completely random. As a result, you can download one of the apps and play with confidence.

Our top-rated sports betting apps

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Editor’s recommendation - Unibet NJ takes the throne

The Unibet NJ app is a relatively new sportsbook New Jersey has to offer on the market. However, the Unibet name is far from being a new one. Launched in September of 2019, players in New Jersey now have exclusive access to the Unibet NJ app. As a whole, Unibet is a well-respected global betting company that has been in operation since 1998. Although the Unibet NJ sports betting app is not the most glamorous, it is very easy to use. You certainly won't be hard-pressed to find what you're looking for. The no-nonsense approach is what makes the app so easy to navigate.

Approved by the state of New Jersey, Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) the app is completely legitimate and safe to download on multiple devices. In addition to the world-class sportsbook, players have access to the Unibet NJ casino while using the same account. The Unibet app is tailor-made for mobile betting and there is a wide range of live betting options. On the main landing page, you can view the live bets that are happening right now. Getting started as a newbie at Unibet New Jersey is very uncomplicated.

All you need to do is simply sign up for an account, place a deposit, and then you are ready to go. You will receive a unique Unibet login with a username and password that you decide. Once you're up and running, you have an abundance of sports betting options to choose from. There are several different bonuses, promotions, banking methods, and bet types to suit everyone. At the footer section of the page are the helpful links of Sportsbook Rules, Responsible Gaming, Bonus Policy, About Unibet, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Mobile Apps.

Finding the right NJ operator for you - We've got you covered

We are continuously working to become known as New Jersey's most popular and reliable source of information for all gambling enthusiasts and experts. With decades of collective experience working and playing in the iGaming industry, we have what it takes to identify the top apps. Have a look through our site and you'll find all of the most relevant gambling-related news and information. This includes tailor-made reviews and player guides. These pages provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Use our essential criteria as a helpful guide

Now that you know all of the different criteria we use to sift through the different options on the market, you can begin to find the right operator for you. The app should look welcoming, not have too many flashy graphics, and give you a seamless user experience. The right operator should ideally provide you with access to an abundance of games, this includes live betting. In our experience, it's not worth downloading niche apps that provide you with just one type of service. You'll more than likely reach a point where you need to download a new app to undergo a different form of gaming activity.

Take advantage of all the latest features

Even the sportsbook section of the site should come with all the latest and most popular features. For example, the top sportsbooks all come with live streaming and in-play betting. Last but not least, it's essential for customer care to be of the highest standard. This means that customer support should be responsive and helpful. When you are choosing the app to download, you should be conscious of how responsive customer care is. We recommend that you test this out by seeking assistance for something small and reviewing the experience. A professional customer service team is invaluable and is always a great sign of a competent and reliable app to use.

What if an NJ operator doesn’t have an app?

When you search and compare New Jersey sports betting apps, you will see that many of the options look the same. However, all of the NJ betting apps will provide you with something unique. Here at NJ x Gambling, it’s our mission to identify the differences between all of the leading options. This means that when you hear our top suggestions for the new NJ online casino on the scene, you will quickly be able to see who's leading the race. Whether you're looking to bet using your iPhone or Android, we've got you covered.

In some cases, you'll find some operators that do not provide you with an app to download. This shouldn't be a cause for concern. This is because the website should still be compatible with all the latest smartphones and tablets by offering a mobile-optimized version of their desktop site. Instead of downloading an app, you will simply visit the website through your standard mobile browser. In our reviews at NJ x Gambling, we are inclusive of these operators by reviewing the mobile version of the website instead. We still focus on the same criteria to guarantee consistency throughout our recommendations.

Five essential tips for betting on the go in New Jersey

Once you’ve worked your way through our list of the best NJ betting apps and made your final decision, the useful tips don’t end there. When you download an app that you like the look of and register for an account, this is just the beginning of your mobile betting journey. Here at NJ x Gambling, we want to be with you every step of the way. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to start using NJ betting apps on the go.

Take advantage of the additional safety measures

There's always going to be a high standard of safety for players in the New Jersey betting market. But still, there are additional safety measures that you can use to further protect yourself. In addition to the standard security measures, there are some great features available to mobile users. Depending on the device you are using, it's possible that you can use facial recognition to access your personal account. Not only does this provide you with extra security, but it also makes it easier for you to access your account. Likewise, you can choose to enable fingerprint recognition.

Be careful with live betting

It's no secret that live betting is flourishing within the state of New Jersey. And with such ease of access through means of mobile apps, it's easier than ever to place a bet within just a few clicks of a button. Nevertheless, we suggest that you proceed with caution. Play responsibly and you won't fall victim to doubling down on your own local team and chasing losses.

If you notice an opportunity to hedge another bet or place a live bet for a good price during a game, by all means, take it if your budget allows. However, always avoid mindlessly doubling down on a bet to chase losses. To defend yourself from spending more than your budget allows, you should go to the responsible gambling section in your betting app. Here, you’ll discover a list of options that help you manage your spending.

Consider using a VPN

This tip is useful for practically everyone using the internet for general purposes. If you're betting on the go, it's a necessary step that you should take in order to protect yourself from hackers. Online casinos can attract digital hackers who are looking to steal your monetary information. Therefore, it's important that you take extra steps to prevent this. One of the most effective ways to prevent hackers from stealing your information is to invest in a VPN (a virtual private network). This operates in the background while you place your wagers online.

Always read the terms and conditions

Before you sign up for an account, play games, or claim an NJ online casino no deposit bonus code, you should always familiarise yourself with the relevant terms and conditions. We all know that it is all too tempting to skim over these pages and ignore all the nitty-gritty details. However, we highly recommend that you make a habit out of analyzing the fine print for any possible red flags. In particular, you could find red flags when it comes to the information surrounding payments, and collecting your winnings.

Look for the lock sign

Whenever you enter your individual financial details into a website or mobile app, you have to be sure that there is a lock sign next to the URL. This lock sign symbolizes the trustworthiness of the particular transaction you are about to make. Basically, a lock sign shows you that the website uses secure sockets layer encryption. The presence of this technology ensures that your financial data is not vulnerable to hackers.

SSL encryption utilizes both private and public keys. These come together to form a secure connection for sending financial information and other private forms of data. So what if you come across an online casino website that doesn't have a lock next to its URL? This means that it does not have an SSL certificate. Always be sure to check the authenticity and credibility of who you share your personal information with online.

Conclusion - It’s a great time to be using betting apps in NJ

The world of betting apps is on the rise, especially in the state of New Jersey. Each year we see more and more new sportsbook apps emerge onto the scene. Each one of these is looking to battle the competition and become known as one of the best NJ betting apps. However, there are high standards and operators must meet the criteria we set out.

This is essential in order to be rated among the best on our site. You are now ready to immerse yourself in the world of mobile sports betting in New Jersey. Looking for something a little different? Don't go anywhere, we can help you find what you are looking for with the help of our other player guides and review pages.

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NJ Betting Apps FAQ

✅ How do I choose the best betting apps in NJ?

It's a very exciting time to be a player in NJ, and as exciting as it is to have so many great options at your disposal, it can definitely be overwhelming to choose the best one for you. To speed things up, we've done the hard work for you. This all-in-one guide is designed to make it easy for you to narrow down the selection process and decide with confidence.

🔐 Do sportsbooks in NJ accept VISA payments?

Payment methods vary from one brand to another. We take a look at the payment and withdrawal options in more detail within our guides and reviews. VISA payments are just one of many suitable deposit and withdrawal options for mobile users in the US. But what about New Jersey specifically? Our guides and reviews make it easy for you to compare the payment options available at each online casino and sportsbook within the state.

📞 Can I use my phone to bet on sports in NJ?

Whether you want to use your mobile, tablet or desktop to bet on sports, there’s something for everyone out there. But what if you’re playing within the state of New Jersey? Explore this page to gain access to the very best sportsbooks the NJ betting market has to offer, and learn about how you can make it all possible using a mobile or tablet.

💰 How can I get the best bonuses at NJ betting sites?

Practically all of the sportsbooks that you'll find in NJ will provide you with some kind of offer, bonus, or incentive. This is designed to entice you to sign up and deposit. As you can imagine, some of these bonuses are more worthwhile than others. Read our guides to see how simple we’ve made it to find the best bonuses to use at betting sites in NJ and take your gaming experience to a new level.

🔞 Is it legal to bet on sports in NJ?

Rules and regulations surrounding online gambling can be quite complicated. But don’t worry, all of the information you need to guarantee a safe gaming experience within NJ is outlined in our guide. We do the nitty-gritty to ensure that our recommendations for betting apps to use in NJ are 100% licensed to operate legally within the state.

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