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Best NJ Online Horse Betting 2022

If you enjoy betting on sports and would like to learn more about the best NJ horse betting sites, then this article will be for you. We’ll leave no stone unturned, with tips and tricks from our betting experts.

Online sports betting has been legalized and permitted within the Garden State of New Jersey, since 2018. The state has since become an industry leader, with new sportsbooks joining almost every month! Since there’s so many to choose from, we thought we’d write this article to help filter the best NJ off track betting websites and betting tactics to employ.

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Who should make use of the online comparison for NJ Horse Betting? Find out how to make the most of it

This comparison article will be beneficial for NJ  horse racing betting players and anyone else into NJ Sports Gambling, who is looking for some extra tips and tricks to use. If you’re a total newbie, there'll also be some guidance to help you find your feet in the world of online sports betting and NJ horse betting sites too.

If you’re already familiar with NJ Betting Apps and have some betting experience, this page can steer you in the right direction when it comes to fresh betting approaches. But first, we’ll give you an introduction about how NJ horse racing betting became a “thing”, and give you some news on some exciting things to look forward to.

Top 3 NJ Horse Betting Sites

NJ Horse Betting Sites - Lawful age requirement

First things first, you will have to be above the lawful age which permits NJ off track betting, as well as all online betting, which is 21 years of age. NJ horse betting sites are legally required to verify each player and you will be asked to provide supporting documents, digitally, when first opening an online betting account.

Online Horse Betting with Draftkings - the first operator in the Garden state

Draftkings was the first online sportsbook operator in the state of New Jersey. Starting back in August 2018, it was no surprise Draftkings were first to claim their stake as a prominent online betting operator. Draftkings were already established in the online iGaming world, and were best known, prior, for their daily fantasy sports service. You can now find a wide list of sports to bet on as well as betting markets with Draftkings.

However, although Draftkings are a comprehensive betting operator, with an extensive list of sports to bet on, they do not provide online betting for fixed odds on horse racing yet, but read on for the good news!

Revolutionary improvements for USA Online horse betting - Fixed odds

Yes, you read this correctly! There are exciting times ahead, specifically for NJ horse betting sites, so this is a must-read for you!

If you are reading this at a later date, I hope you are enjoying this new exciting time within NJ off track betting. We suggest reading the rest of this article for tips on betting approaches and strategies to apply to your game.

Prior to fixed odds being permitted, NJ off track betting could only be performed using a parimutuel betting system. To put it simply, a parimutuel betting system is where a NJ off track betting player would place their bets, but would be unaware of the exact odds of the horse, until after the race. Why is this so, you might ask?

NJ off track betting and parimutuel betting odds

NJ off track betting is sometimes abbreviated to OTB NJ, in case you have ever wondered!  When it comes to odds, parimutuel betting odds are similar to a lottery. The more people bet on a specific horse, the lower the odds become. Similar to a lottery, if many people picked the same numbers, the payout would be a lot less, compared to if there was only one person with the winning numbers.

Unlike fixed odds, where the odds are formed by a mixture of probability of winning and also how many people bet on the horse. The difference between parimutuel betting and fixed odds is you can “lock in” the odds you take, prior to the horse running.

For example, if you take 5/1, or +500, then that is the odds you get. If the parimutuel betting odds are displaying 5/1 or +500, this can change, the odds could become higher, or even worse, lower.

NJ Horse Racing Betting Calendar

If you’re a general sports betting lover, there'll  be some interesting betting strategies and tips below that you can apply to all USA sports betting.

When looking to place bets on NJ horse racing betting sites, we recommend keeping up to date with the biggest races of the year. These will invariably be the ones that contain the most betting offers and bonuses too! So it makes sense to play things smart, if you are someone who enjoys profiting, of course!

There are big races almost throughout the entire year. The main festivals when the true NJ horse betting online stars show up are between March and November.

Some of the top races are as follows:


Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs race track


Preakness Stakes at Pimlico race track


Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park

These three races, above, are part of the “triple crown”. The triple crown is an achievement that three year old thoroughbred horses bid to achieve, although it’s a hard feat indeed! The last Triple crown winner was a horse named Justify, in 2018.

The end of the year is capped-off with the Breeders Cup festival, this festival is held at different locations each year. The Breeders Cup 2022 will be held at Keeneland. The Breeders Cup is considered the best annual horse racing festival in the entire world!

NJ Horse Betting Sites - Our favorites right now

NJ Horse Betting Sites Checklist: 5 things we look for when rating operators - security, T&Cs and more

When you are searching for the ideal NJ horse betting sites, there’s a few things we recommend considering, before parting with your hard-earned cash. Below, we’ll mention five things worth thinking about.

  1. How secure are your favorite NJ Horse Betting Sites?

    You will need to check that the sportsbook is running a fully legit service and uses adequate encryption technology. You could cut corners and just use the operators we have verified and recommended, but here are a few tips to look for, to check your operator is legit. Always use a bookmaker that uses an encrypted “Https://” URL. There will be a padlock sign beside most of these, for quick reference.

  2. Read Terms and Conditions for Online Horse Betting New Jersey

    We recommend just sparing a little time, even if for just 5-10 minutes, to check the bookmakers’ terms and conditions. This will help keep your mind at rest when playing with this operator. We especially recommend doing this if you are just about to enter a bonus that requires a lot of rollovers, or a high-value bonus. A shortcut for this would be to check our review page. However, if you get into the habit of briefly checking the NJ off-track betting websites you wish to bet with, you might find some useful information to add to that. Sometimes, you may spot something, like minimum odds requirements, that will make your life a whole lot easier when trying to play through bonus cash rollover requirements.

  3. Check out our NJ Horse Betting Sites Review Guides

    When looking for NJ online horse betting websites,  a good first port of call would be to check our review guides. We can help cut a few corners, saving time, when looking for NJ Sportsbook bonus tips. All the bookmakers contained in our reviews have been verified by us and we always include a few handy tips and tricks, to help you get the most from all the online horse betting new jersey has to offer.

  4. Research online for any complaints from previous players on NJ Horse Betting Sites

    We all know that if someone experiences a negative experience from a bookmaker, they are going to shout a whole lot louder than a person full of praise for a great bookmaker! Meaning that, if an operator is a shady bookmaker, who has done wrong to a customer, you will no doubt find this information easily using a quick google search!

  5. Check the New Jersey Horse Betting Site has a legitimate gambling license

    Most legitimate new betting sites in New Jersey will display their gambling licenses. The best place to look for these is usually in the footer, at the bottom of the website's page.  It is in the NJ bookmakers’ best interests to put their potential customers’ minds at rest. For example, if you scroll to the bottom of Draftkings’ website home page, you will see their licensing operator, with a clickable 5-digit account number form the Gambling Commission.

Editor’s recommendation – Which Online Horse Betting Site gets our Seal of Approval?

Finding the best operator, in such a competitive selection of bookmakers offering NJ off-track betting can be a little overwhelming! With many offering appealing bonuses, it is often hard to know where to start!

But do not fear, we will give you a few hints of the sportsbooks we think will be the best NJ horse betting sites to bet with. We mentioned earlier in this article how there has never been more of an exciting time for NJ off-track betting. The imminent addition of fixed-odds for OTB NJ horse betting is something revolutionary and many USA bettors are getting very excited about this, especially professional bettors who enjoy value betting.

Bearing this in mind, it would make sense to use an operator that has had prior experience running fixed-odds horse betting if they are to be relied upon for your NJ off-track betting investments.

Caesars sportsbook - an experienced Online Horse Betting Operator

Welcome Caesars sportsbook, Caesars is part of the William Hill group and William Hill has been operating fixed-odds horse racing betting for many years overseas. In fact, William Hill was one of the first horse betting sportsbooks in the UK, which is deemed as an industry-leading country when it comes to supplying odds on what the British call “the sport of kings”, AKA Horse racing.

When betting on the sport of kings we want to know we are betting on a website fit for kings and not peasants. We are confident Caesars will continue to uphold the William Hill reputation for providing outstanding service with horse betting odds, markets and good odds too.

NJ off-track betting - Betting Bonuses

Now, what could be better than knowing you’re in the best hands capable of providing NJ off-track betting services? You’ve got it, a nice juicy bonus, to add to that, would be the icing on the cake!

This is where Caesars does not disappoint. In fact, you can enjoy this bonus immediately today, if you wish to play the money on other sports, please be sure to use our link above to bag your free bets NJ match of up to $1,001.

For the record, here’s some brief terms and conditions, below, relating to this offer mentioned above.

They will match your first real money wager with a Free Bet up to $1,001 – win or lose!

  • Minimum odds -200 (-250 odds would not qualify; -110 would qualify)
  • Bet must settle to earn Free Bet
  • Participants have 30 days to use their Free Bet

Finding the right NJ Horse Betting Sites for you - Things to consider

When looking for the right NJ horse betting sites, you’ll first want to consider if there are any specific types of NJ off track betting you’re into. You see, each NJ online horse betting website is going to be different. Some may offer things others do not. For example, some bookmakers may offer parimutuel betting odds only, some may offer fixed odds and some may offer a variety of both.

NJ Horse Racing Betting - Customize your betting markets

The selection for NJ off-track betting markets is also another thing well worth considering.  This is why the introduction of fixed odds betting for horse racing is such an exciting prospect.

Countries who have been operating fixed-odds horse betting for decades usually also offer a wide selection of betting markets within each horse, each race and also within each horse racing meeting.

For example, markets within a specific horse could be the distance a horse wins by or whether it comes in the first three. Markets within a race could be distances, favorites, jockeys and time speed of the race. Markets within a meeting could range from spread betting on horse numbers, the number of favorites that win in the meeting, the number of wins a certain jockey will achieve, and many more.

The markets mentioned above are, of course, usually an addition to the standard odds offered. For example, a fixed-odds NJ off-track betting website may offer fixed odds on the win, each way [where the horse can first to third usually], place only, forecast, etc. These will be considered standard markets, and the rest are usually considered additions.

As you can probably gather, most NJ off-track betting fans would probably be better equipped to make the ideal betting selections using several NJ horse wagering betting sites. In our experience, horse bettors typically tend to use several websites, or at least two, to enable them to get the maximum benefit and value from their horse picks.

Using several NJ Horse Betting Sites - Means extra bonuses

The upside of the guidance given above, which is mostly a report of our experiences of successful horse bettors, is that this will inevitably mean access to extra betting bonuses! As mentioned earlier, NJ horse betting sites are in fierce competition with each other to attract your custom. They use betting bonuses and freebie enhancements to entice new players. If opening more accounts make betting easier for you, plus provide more offers, then it is a no-brainer.

Be sure to check our review guides to not miss out on anything new!

5 ultimate tips for playing at The Best NJ Horse Betting Sites Online - Be smart with your bets and offers

Be smart with betting promotions

As mentioned in other parts of this article, there is no better time to enjoy betting promotions and enhancements from the NJ horse betting sites. NJ off-track betting websites will be using betting promotions to entice new and existing customers. NJ off-track betting websites are more than aware that they not only have to attract the new custom, but they also need to do their best efforts to retain customers, this usually comes in the form of ongoing, reload offers and other promotions.

Utilize ongoing offers and enhancements

The smartest NJ horse betting sites will use regular, ongoing offers to help try to keep their customers loyal. There is an old saying about keeping a house cat fed, right? If you don’t keep the cat fed, it may stray. Bookmakers adopt this principle, in hoping to keep you ‘fed’ with ongoing offers, in hope that you do not stray away from them and find another bookmaker to do your wagering with.

True, this costs the NJ horse betting sites money. Giving customers free ongoing offers will put a dent into the bookmakers’ final profits, but they’re hoping that your continued custom will exceed what they’re giving away for free, so they deem it all part of an investment. Which works!

Find the best ongoing offers for NJ horse betting sites

The ongoing offers NJ off-track betting websites will not be the huge sums that are offered for signing up for new accounts. These ongoing offers are typically far less than the newcomer welcome offers, however, these offers are fairly regular and [as the name suggests] ongoing!

By taking advantage of these ongoing offers you add extra value to your bets. For example, an OTB NJ bookmaker may be offering an ongoing offer such as the following.

  • Bet $50 on a horse at odds of +200 or over and get $20 free bonus
  • Money back if your horse comes second (up to $50)
  • Get a free bet if picking a winner at +400 or higher (up to $70)
  • Money back if your horse is beaten by one length or under

Look for Best Odds Guaranteed

The above list of ongoing offers are just an example, and are typical things to expect from good NJ horse betting sites. By using these offers regularly, you are essentially adding value to your normal bets. Adding value within betting is the key ingredient to long-term profiting.

Another concession to look for is a thing called “Best Odds Guaranteed”, at least this is what it is called in countries that do offer this offer. So, what is this Best Odds Guaranteed? Best Odds Guaranteed, often abbreviated BOG is a concession that bookmakers generally use in UK and Eurozone horse betting and has proven a success.

An example of Best Odds Guaranteed in practice would be when you have betted on a winning horse at odds of 3/1 or +300. We mentioned elsewhere in this article that parimutuel odds are not fixed and are never static, until after the race finishes. However, with fixed odds, if you betted on a horse called “Winx” at odds 4/1 (+400), an hour before the race, and Winx won at higher odds of 4/1, the Best Odds Guaranteed concession would be triggered.

If you bet $50 at odds of +300 you would usually win $150, plus your stake back, meaning a total return of $200 on your $50 investment. However, if the BOG concession kicked-in, you would bag a cool $250 from the same $50 stake.

As you can imagine, there can be some tidy [unexpected] extra profits when adopting this concession. For example, sometimes horses can drift considerably in the odds. We once saw a horse at odds of +300 drift out to +2500 and win! This would be a joy to any NJ off track betting player's eyes, and is possible.

Be smart and keep an open mind

When you have found your chosen favorite NJ off track betting operator, or operator[s], it would be wise to keep updated with these promotions and concessions. Note, we mentioned the plural operator[s], as we did recommend, elsewhere in this full article, that it is common for successful horse racing bettors to use several different websites.

Successful NJ off track betting players will use several websites so as they can get the best from each website. Typically, these players will have their favorite staple site, but use others for specific things.

In summary, implement all these offers and concessions mentioned above and try to keep up-to-date with what is on offer. Bookmark our review guides and refer to those, if in doubt.

Online Horse Betting New Jersey Conclusion & Food for thought

We hope this NJ horse betting sites review has given you some good ‘food for thought’, to help add to your current betting routine and strategy. Remember, there has never been a better time to enjoy NJ online horse betting bonuses, but be selective, and make the bonuses work for you!

Once you have established your favorite website or website[s], get into a good routine. Note down the times of offers, and what operator provides the best odds, for any specific types of betting. If in doubt, view our operator reviews to help keep updated.

NJ Horse Racing Betting - Top Bonuses

NJ horse betting sites FAQ 

🐴 What are the best NJ horse betting sites

The best NJ horse betting sites are the ones that will provide you with all the betting markets you need to place your horse bets satisfactorily. Unfortunately, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and just as well, as we would be all betting the same selections otherwise! We have written a full article to put this subject to bed, at NJ x Gambling. Here you’ll find some handy tips on the best way to approach finding the best NJ horse betting sites to use. 

🔐 How can I tell if my NJ horse betting sites are safe?

Finding a safe, tried and trusted betting operator to bet with is paramount in the world of online gambling. A bettor will want to ensure the operator they have chosen uses adequate levels of security and encryption on their website. We have written a full article at NJ x Gambling to help users figure out how to check if a website is legit or not. When looking for the best NJ horse betting sites, you will want to be sure you’re playing with a legit betting operator.

❓ Do NJ horse betting sites offer fixed odds?

For years, NJ horse betting sites and USA horse racing odds have been based on the tote form of parimutuel betting odds. This means that you will not know for sure what odds your horse's odds are if it wins, until you are actually paid-out. However, there are revolutionary changes that we have discussed in our full article of NJ horse betting sites at NJ x Gambling, which will make things clearer.

🤷‍♂️ What is the difference between parimutuel odds and fixed-odds in horse racing?

There is a huge difference between these two different odds types held within horse racing. Unlike horse betting odds in the UK and most parts of Eurozone, USA horse bettors are more familiar with parimutuel odds on horse racing than anywhere else in the world, apart from France maybe? There are imminent changes ahead though, that will be revolutionary within the world of USA horse betting. Read our review at NJ x Gambling for more.

🤔 How to find the best sportsbook for NJ off-track betting

Do not let the welcome offer dictate the appeal when choosing the best NJ off-track betting website. Sure, a nice juicy bonus sets you off on the right foot, of course. But if you’re looking for the perfect sportsbook for your NJ horse betting then we’ve written an article for you. Our experts discuss all you need to know when it comes to what to look for to gain long-term profit and enjoyment from your NJ betting websites.

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