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Best MLB & Baseball Betting Sites NJ in October 2022

Are you interested in betting on MLB? Don't know where you can find reliable odds? Then, you've come to the right place. Further in this article, we've also curated a list of the best MLB betting sites in NJ.

Major League Baseball is becoming increasingly popular among sports enthusiasts. As a result, you'll find yourself coming across many online sportsbooks offering MLB bets. So to help you pick the best from this, our experts have put together a guidebook on scouting for the best MLB betting sites in New Jersey, along with an overview of popular MLB bets.

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How to scout for the best MLB betting sites in New Jersey

As more and more betting sites and apps are arriving in NJ, you might get confused about choosing one. So here are a few essential parameters that you should look for before zeroing in on any MLB sportsbook in New Jersey.

Licenses and security protocols

Licensing is one of the first things you should check for before registering and gambling on MLB betting sites in NJ. Despite New Jersey's pro-gambling laws and strict resolutions against scams, there are plenty of illegal offshore sites and scams. In addition, gambling on such sites provides no insurance on any of your funds or winnings. Hence, to ensure lawful gambling, always check any new site's licensing to see if it's legal to operate here.

Further, since you'd be entering a lot of sensitive data such as your name, address, SSN, and credit card numbers, you must pay attention to the sportsbook's security protocols. A platform with all the necessary security protocols in place will be able to protect your confidential data. Moreover, if an MLB betting site leverages advanced protocols like 2fa and end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that all your transactions are verified and secure.

The range of payment options

Before you sign-up on the betting platforms, don't forget to check out all their payment options. Sites with different verified payment methods can offer you a smooth transaction process. So, check if the site only provides traditional services or if it is also compatible with e-Wallets such as Skrill or PayPal. Besides, ensure to read through all the terms and conditions to see if there are any deposit and withdrawal fees or limits.

Once you register, try to get your account verified as soon as possible. Moreover, all legit MLB betting sites in New Jersey insist on verifying your identity before allowing any deposits/withdrawals. In addition, delaying your verification process might also cause issues with promos or bonus offers.

MLB betting markets

One of the critical facets that you need to look out for before you decide to sign up for any online bookie or sportsbook is the range of MLB betting markets it offers. While most MLB betting sites in New Jersey cover all MLB games, the range of markets they offer varies greatly. This is more prevalent in in-play betting markets and prop bets. Further, if the operator provides pre-match and live statistics, shortlist them immediately because having access to statistical information can significantly impact your betting endeavors.

MLB-specific offers

The best online MLB betting NJ platforms offer several promotions, including MLB-specific promos. Looking out for these exciting offers can certainly enhance your gambling experience. Whether it's a handsome welcome bonus or cashback, those promos give you a chance for improved winnings or even to take calculated risks.

Additionally, you must pay attention to whether these offers are easy to claim. Some MLB betting sites offer lucrative offers that look good on the outside but, in reality, give you very little chance to benefit from it. Hence, it is vital to always be on the lookout for unreasonable wagering conditions. So, before deciding to join any sportsbook for their bonus, go through the fine print and make sure the wagering conditions are reasonable enough and that the bonus can add value to your MLB gambling.

User-friendly and sleek mobile app

If you're one of those who prefer to wager on the move or on mobile devices, choose an operator that comes with a competent mobile app. With this, you can access your betting account through your phone or other hand-held devices and place bets from anywhere. Moreover, a good sportsbook will give you notifications so that you'll stay updated with the latest scores, promo offers, upcoming fixtures, etc. In addition, a few MLB sportsbooks in New Jersey also offer mobile exclusive bonus offers.

Best MLB betting sites in New Jersey

Now that you know what to look for in a good MLB sportsbook, you might have realized that it’s a tedious task. Well, we understand that, and to help you out, our experts have put in the time and effort to compile the list of the best MLB betting sites in New Jersey. They are:


Caesars is one of the biggest casino brands in the world, with numerous real-life casinos and hotels throughout the US. In addition, the Caesars online betting platform is equally good with highly competitive odds, and exclusive promo offers for MLB, especially during the postseason.


BetMGM is among the most popular online sportsbooks in NJ and all over the US. In addition, BetMGM also frequently runs fantastic promo offers, both for new and existing customers.


With special promotional offers for VIPs and several added benefits for MLB fans, DraftKings is an excellent MLB betting site in New Jersey. Moreover, the sleek interface and an excellent range of betting markets make DraftKings a favorite among new and veteran gamblers alike.


This online sportsbook covers every MLB game in addition to a decent selection of other baseball leagues. FanDuel is also popular for its generous welcome offers and other promos. So, if you're looking for MLB betting sites in NJ with the best promo deals, then FanDuel definitely stakes a claim.

What are the different types of MLB bets?

To ensure you have a productive MLB betting endeavor, it is vital to know what options you have on the sportsbooks and how these betting markets work. Even if you're an MLB expert, without a proper understanding of the intricacies of betting markets, you will not have a good gambling experience. Ask any seasoned bettor, and they won't settle for any less. So if you are looking to learn more about different MLB bet types, the following section will be a great read.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are the simplest market you'll find when indulging in online sports betting on MLB in New Jersey. In this bet, you only have to choose a winner. The oddsmakers set a line with one team set as the favorites and the other as the underdogs.

As you may already know, odds are higher for the underdogs, meaning you win more with a successful bet on them. Conversely, favorites have lower odds and give you much lesser payouts. However, MLB is a sport, and the favorites don't always win games. So, with proper research and understanding of the game, Moneyline bets on the underdogs can be greatly rewarding.

Point spread or run line bets

Point spread bets are undoubtedly the most prominent sports bets that you'll ever come across. The main idea is to see if the favorites win by a margin exceeding the line set by the oddsmaker or if the underdogs lose by a margin less than this line. The favorites have a negative line, and the underdogs have a positive line, and you can bet on either of these outcomes.

In baseball, point spreads are known as a run line because instead of points in other sports, the scoring system here is in runs. In addition, since baseball, on average, has only 1-digit scores per game, the run lines will usually be 1.5. This essentially means that if you bet on the favorites, they have to win by two or more runs. Conversely, betting on the underdogs means that they either have to win or not lose by more than 1 point.

Over/under bets

Also known as total bets, the over/under bets are perfect for those who do not want to pick a winner or bet on the result of the game. The idea here is that MLB bookies in New Jersey will set a line predicting the total number of runs in the game. However, keep in mind that the total runs here refer to the cumulative runs scored by both teams.

You can then bet on whether the actual total will be over or under this total. In addition, since baseball totals are mostly near 8 or 9, totals lines will also be close to these numbers and most often lie between 7-9.

Prop bets

Prop bets are generally sources of great entertainment among gamblers. These bets are more volatile and dynamic because you'll wager on the events not directly associated with the match's outcome. Some examples of prop bets include the total number of strikeouts, determining if the total score is odd or even, and so on. However, keep in mind that only the top MLB betting sites in New Jersey offer a good selection of prop bets.


With a myriad of sportsbooks available in NJ, picking one that perfectly fits the MLB fan in you might sound complicated. However, our experts' scouting guide and a list of their top suggestions get half the job done. Now, all you have to do is pick one sportsbook and start betting on your favorite MLB teams. In addition, we also frequently update our guides and upgrade our comparison lists to ensure we only suggest the best to our readers. So, don't forget to bookmark this page and visit back for all the latest on MLB betting in NJ.

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MLB betting sites in New Jersey FAQs

🤔Is MLB betting legal in NJ?

Baseball has been one of the most popular American sports throughout history. With Major League Baseball becoming increasingly popular, it has sparked a love for gambling on MLB among many baseball fans. However, not every state allows gambling on MLB events. So make sure to check out our guidebooks on to understand the legal framework and regulations around MLB betting sites in New Jersey.

💲Are New Jersey MLB betting sites legit?

If you're looking to make the most of the MLB season by wagering on your favorite teams, you'll need the best MLB betting sites in New Jersey. As sports betting is increasingly gaining traction, you'll come across several online sportsbooks and bookies, and not all of them are legit and safe. So, before you sign up for a betting site, ensure it has all the necessary licensing. In addition, you can also check out for a comprehensive list of legal sportsbooks in NJ.

⚾Which are the popular MLB bets?

Much like other sports, baseball too has several popular betting markets and a few baseball exclusive ones as well. Read through our detailed MLB guide to learn more about different baseball betting markets as well as the right strategies to approach each of them.

🏆How can I place a bet on MLB betting sites?

MLB is one of the major American sports, with over 2000 games per season. Hence, MLB betting is also a favorite among gamblers, who are always looking for the best value MLB bets. If you're also looking to join an MLB betting site, we have everything you need in our MLB betting guidebook.

📲What are the best New Jersey MLB betting sites?

Gamblers in New Jersey have a wide range of sportsbook options to choose from. However, not all of them offer competitive odds or enough options when it comes to MLB. So, suppose you're a baseball fan and want to put your baseball knowledge to the test. In that case, our comprehensive list of the best MLB betting sites in New Jersey can certainly help you find your perfect sportsbook.

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