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Best New Sportsbook in New Jersey October 2022

Are you on the hunt for a new sportsbook in New Jersey? Our team of experts here at NJ x Gambling are long-time gambling enthusiasts and have all the resources and experience needed to bring you the best of NJ.

Sportsbook users in New Jersey already have a rich collection of sportsbooks to choose from. However, it’s still best to keep an eye out for new betting sites NJ as they could have fantastic offers and promotions for you. This review will help you stay updated on the latest happenings in the NJ gambling world - read on.

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Compare the best new sportsbooks in NJ

Who should make use of the comparison of new sportsbooks in NJ?

New Jersey has one of the most liberal gambling laws in the US, with online casinos being legalized as early as 2013. However, residents of NJ had to wait a few more years for online sportsbooks as they were tangled in a lawsuit to prevent sports betting. NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB had federal cases against NJ to prevent the state from legalizing sports betting. Despite losing initially, NJ went up against the PASPA act of 1992 in the Supreme Court in 2014. NJ eventually won in 2018, with the Supreme Court ruling the PASPA act of 1992 as unconstitutional, which effectively signaled the end of Nevada’s monopoly in gambling and opened the door to legalizing online sportsbooks and casinos in other states as well.

Our sportsbook experts at NJ x Gambling aim to help out every gambling enthusiast, from beginners to experts alike. So, if you’re looking for a new sportsbook in New Jersey, look no further; our review has everything you need. We know that sports betting enthusiasts here are always on the lookout for new betting sites in New Jersey. Additionally, if you’re looking to make the best out of online casinos, don’t forget to check out the latest NJ online casino no deposit bonus code. 

Beginners to online gambling

Online sports betting and casino gambling have garnered immense popularity in the US. However, the rise in online sportsbook users has also given new opportunities for fraudsters and scammers to loot novices easily. Hence, the idea of joining an online sportsbook for the very first time can be a bit daunting. Moreover, with plenty of new betting sites in NJ, picking your perfect betting site requires work. Hence, our experts have prepared this review of the best new betting sites in NJ, which will give you everything needed to pick a new sportsbook in New Jersey. If you need help getting started or have lingering doubts about new NJ betting sites, we have all the answers here.

Gamblers who are looking for a new experience

Every online sportsbook is unique and brings you a different experience in terms of gameplay and betting markets as well. For example, Fanduel offers a fantastic DFS in addition to plenty of betting markets, while PointsBet has its own unique points betting markets. So, if you’re among those that are constantly on the lookout for a new sportsbook in NJ, then look no further because our experts have an eagle eye when it comes to new betting sites in NJ. You can also check out this guide for the latest on any new NJ online casino.

Gamblers on the hunt for bonuses and offers

Bonuses and promotions, especially welcome bonus offers, can undoubtedly help in boosting your winnings and enhancing the overall betting experience. However, not all welcome offers are worth the trouble as some bookies have a history of having unreasonable requirements attached to these offers. That being the case, some new betting sites in New Jersey still offer fantastic offers that can add real value. Our experts are always on the lookout for such sportsbooks and offers, and you can read all about them right here.

Operator checklist: 5 things we look for when rating a new sportsbook in NJ

Our expert team at NJ x Gambling understands the importance of their reviews, and hence, they ensure that we only recommend you the best new sportsbook in New Jersey. Moreover, since each sportsbook has its own strengths and weaknesses, we take into account various factors in our sportsbook tests. Below is a list of five of the most critical facets of our sportsbook tests.


As we mentioned earlier, the online sportsbook and casino scene in the US is laden with plenty of scammers trying to take advantage of those with very little knowledge about online gambling in the US. Hence, when it comes to any new sportsbook in New Jersey, the legitimacy of the operator is our primary concern. All legal online sportsbooks in the state will have a New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement license and if they don’t have one, steer clear.

Moreover, you are playing with your hard-earned money in these online sportsbooks, so it’s vital to ensure that they have adequate security measures in place to ensure safe and secure transactions. In addition, with online transactions involving information on cards, wallets, or even banks, the importance of data security is paramount. Understanding this, our experts always keep an eye out for measures like HTTPS protocol, SSL encryptions, etc. In short, we only recommend those operators with adequate licensing and security measures in place.

Bonuses and promotions

Welcome bonuses and special promotional offers are bookies’ main tools to stand apart from the competition and lure in new gamblers. Most of the new sportsbooks in New Jersey will offer lucrative promos to catch your interest. So, if you’re looking for a new sportsbook in New Jersey, the welcome bonus offer is something that you should definitely consider.

Usually, these new customer offers come in the form of risk-free bets or deposit matches. However, the terms and conditions associated with them can vary greatly, and unreasonable wagering requirements are not uncommon. There have been instances of betting sites offering more than 300% deposit matches but with virtually unachievable wagering requirements. Hence, it’s essential to keep in mind that not every bonus offer that looks lucrative on paper adds value to your gambling endeavor. Understanding this, our experts at NJ x Gambling test each promo offer themselves and recommend only worthwhile ones to our readers.

User experience

The overall experience an online sportsbook provides to its users is a significant factor in our reviews of new betting sites in NJ. This includes both the visual side of the sportsbook as well as the back-end and the payment processes. Ideally, most gamblers prefer sportsbooks with minimal processing times for withdrawals and deposits. In addition, the sportsbook interface should be responsive so that users will be able to bet on live sports seamlessly.

Customer service

In our NJ sportsbook reviews, customer service is one of the biggest factors determining new sportsbooks’ ranking in New Jersey. Irrespective of how robust a sportsbook platform is, there is always a chance of you running into some trouble. It could be in terms of financial transactions, bonuses not being credited, void bets, or even a case of a forgotten password. So, if something goes wrong or you need any kind of help with the sportsbook process, you’ll need competent customer service that is readily available as well.

When it comes to customer support, our primary concern is how to reach the support team, which can be email, chat, telephone, etc. Users should not face any difficulties in reaching out to the support team while also ensuring low response time. In addition, it is also vital to ensure that the support team has to be able to solve any of our concerns or queries. So, we test out each of the available contact methods individually to determine the quality of service. If the support team cannot resolve our queries or even take too long to reply, the operator certainly won’t be high up in our rankings.

Terms and conditions

Reading the fine print is certainly arduous and a good percentage of gamblers, beginners and experts alike, tend to ignore the T&Cs. However, even though a tiring process, reading the fine print will only enhance your gambling experience and help you avoid potential pitfalls. It’s fairly common for the bookies to hide key information like wagering requirements, withdrawal terms, etc., in these fine prints, and being ignorant about the same can certainly affect your overall gambling experience on these platforms. Our expert team puts in the effort to scan through them in detail to look for potential pitfalls, and you can read all about them in our reviews.

Editor’s recommendation – the best new operator in NJ: 888Sport NJ

Considering the lenient gambling laws in the state, it is not a surprise to have most of the best sportsbook operators operating in the state. However, there are also new sportsbooks coming up every now and then, and our expert team constantly keeps an eye on any such developments. As mentioned above, we take particular care when reviewing new sportsbooks in New Jersey and ensure that we recommend only the best to our readers.

888Sport NJ is here!

The new 888Sport sportsbook is here in the Garden State. Although not precisely newcomers in terms of gambling heritage, the dedicated 888Sport sportsbook only arrived in the state ahead of the 2021-22 NFL season. 888 has been in the online gaming scene from as early as 2008, mainly in Europe, and they came stateside in 2013 after a partnership with Caesars. 888sport NJ is fully licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), so you don’t have to worry about the legality of the operator.

888Sport NJ offers competitive odds and a rich collection of betting markets covering all of the major sporting events, both in the US and worldwide. It includes NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, Golf, Tennis, NASCAR, F1, UCL, Premier League, La Liga, etc., along with college football, soccer, and much more. In addition to a robust live betting platform, you also get access to stats, news, and even graphic representations of games. Moreover, they have all the latest security measures in place, including SSL and other encryptions.

Another splendid factor that makes 888Sport among the best sportsbooks in NJ is their fantastic welcome bonus offer. This promotion for new customers gives them a $500 risk-free bet on their first-ever sports bet. To claim the bonus offer, all you have to do is sign-up, deposit, and place a bet. You receive up to $500 of your stake back in free bets if it loses. You also have numerous options to deposit and withdraw, including bank transfer, cash at cage (Caesars Atlantic City), PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and PayNearMe.

Summing up, if you’re on the lookout for a new sportsbook in New Jersey, then the latest 888Sport NJ is certainly a no-brainer. You can even download the app from Play Store or App Store and enjoy gambling on the go.

Finding the right new sportsbook in NJ for you

Considering NJ’s leading role in overturning the PASPA act of 92, it is not a surprise to see plenty of sportsbooks operating in the state. However, the more the options, the more challenging it becomes to pick one. We at NJ x Gambling understand this challenge, and to help you out, our reviews cover the wide range of sportsbooks in NJ and also rank them based on performances in various categories.

Moreover, each sportsbook has its own unique features and MSPs, so picking one eventually boils down to your specific requirements. For example, if you’re someone who utilizes welcome bonuses effectively, then sportsbooks that offer generous deposit matching or welcome bonuses are the way to go. Contrastingly, if you’re into live betting or prefer to watch matches while betting, then you should select sportsbooks that offer a live streaming service or even live graphics and stats for games.

On a similar note, the requirements of a beginner and an advanced gambler will be different as well. For example, a gambling veteran will look for operators that offer more betting markets like points betting and tools like bet-builders. On the other hand, newcomers are better off learning the trade initially, which can easily be done using welcome offers like risk-free bets and deposit bonuses.

Considering the above, it is no surprise that our experts have to look into the range of sportsbooks in the state while also reviewing their performances in each of the categories that matter to the users. So, if you’re looking for a new sportsbook in New Jersey, our reviews are tailor-made to help you compare all the vital factors and make a confident decision.

Five ultimate tips for using a new sportsbook New Jersey

We at NJ x Gambling always want the best for online gamblers in NJ. However, picking a new sportsbook in NJ is just the start of your gambling journey. Even though you have selected your perfect sportsbook, there are a few other important pointers to keep in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable gambling experience. Our experts pick five ultimate gambling tips to use a new sportsbook in New Jersey, which will certainly help you get the best out of your endeavors. Whether a newcomer to the gambling scene or a veteran, keeping in mind the following will certainly boost your overall experience on any new sportsbook NJ has to offer.

Keep a wagering diary

Keeping track of your betting might sound trivial, especially to those who are new to the game. However, if your long-term aim is to make a profit, then you should definitely keep track of your betting. A wagering diary allows you to monitor your budget. In addition, it also allows you to analyze your wagers, thereby helping you improve your strategies. So, if you’re serious about sports betting, then recording at least the following can certainly help you in the long term:

  • Selection
  • Odds of selection
  • Stake
  • Result
  • Winnings (if any)

Know the sports

Any new sportsbook in New Jersey is very likely to offer a wide range of sports to bet on, ranging from football, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc. Betting on sports is pretty easy, and even if you have little knowledge about a game, you can still win some of your bets. However, there is a huge difference between winning some of your bets and making a profit from gambling.

So, if you intend to regularly bet on sports, ensure that you have enough knowledge about the sport as well as the teams/players in play. Also, make it a habit to research the stats and recent history of the teams/players in detail. If you’re into live betting, it’s always best to watch the game live. It’s important to be careful and selective while betting on sports and ensure to keep track of the sport and pick your moments to bet.

Use the bonus offers effectively

Bonuses are an excellent tool to enhance your winnings and overall experience on any new sportsbook in New Jersey. Considering the competition among operators in the state, we can expect plenty of lucrative offers for new players and loyal users alike. You can use such bonus credits to learn the trade if you are new to betting without risking actual money. Although, just because it is a bonus offer doesn’t mean you have to be careless or take unnecessary risks with it. It’s always best to consider bonuses as your own money and stick to a staking plan and betting strategy while using them.

Most importantly, these bonus offers are rarely straightforward as they usually come with wagering requirements and associated terms and conditions. So, make it a habit to read the fine print carefully to determine the wagering requirements or other such conditions. In addition, most of the bonuses you receive in terms of free credits or free bets tend to come with expiry dates.

Gamble responsibly

One of the most important facets of online gambling is knowing your limits. Irrespective of your goals or bank balance, if you’re into sports betting, then you must have a staking plan and a budget while also ensuring to stick to it. A staking plan helps you to stay afloat even if you lose a few bets. Our experts suggest never to bet more than 5% of your budget on a wager.

It is very easy to get carried away, whether it be winning or losing. However, it would be best if you understood that luck is a factor in betting, no matter how knowledgeable or experienced you are, and it can go either way. There can be days when you are on a bad run and lose some money, and when they do come, keep a clear head and never chase losses. In addition, most sportsbooks in NJ also allow you to place limits on how much you spend on the platform, both in terms of funds as well as time.

Take a closer look at the payment/withdrawal process

Online betting sites in the US offer a wide range of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals, and we can expect the same from any new sportsbook in New Jersey. These include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill, PayNearMe, and even cash-at-cage in brick-and-mortar casinos. Moreover, as long as you choose a legit sportsbook, you do not have to worry about the security and safety of your finances using any of the payment methods on offer.

However, there are a few other critical factors to consider while choosing a method. The transaction speeds will vary greatly, with bank transfers usually taking significantly more than e-wallet transactions which are almost instant. In addition, some sportsbooks also limit withdrawals via debit/credit cards, which can be a bit tiresome for those who do not use e-wallets. We have also seen instances of new betting sites in NJ offering additional bonuses for specific payment methods. So, to ensure a smoother gambling experience, make it a habit to review the payment methods in detail before zeroing in on one.

Conclusion - Everything needed to pick a new sportsbook NJ

With this, we come to the end of our review of the top new sportsbooks in NJ. So whenever you are looking for a new sportsbook in New Jersey, always be on the lookout for fraudsters and do not go snooping around on unknown websites. Ensure to verify the licensing and security measures of a platform yourself or read our expert reviews before registering in any new betting site in NJ. The surge of new casinos and sportsbooks in NJ will not end anytime soon, so make sure to stay up to date with all the latest happenings right here at In addition, you can also check out our experts’ take on the best NJ online casino app.

Awesome NJ betting bonuses

New sportsbook NJ Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Is it safe to gamble on a new sportsbook in NJ?

New Jersey led the charge against the PASPA act, eventually ending Nevada’s monopoly over gambling in the US. As a result, many states have moved towards legalizing online gambling, which in turn opened up the American sportsbook markets. As a result, recent years have seen a myriad of new American sportsbooks along with betting operators from Europe entering the scene and almost all of them landing in NJ as well. Sadly this has also given new opportunities for fraudsters and scams. So, to ensure safety and security, before joining any new sportsbook in New Jersey, please go through our expert reviews at NJ x Gambling.

🥇Which is the best new sportsbook in New Jersey?

New sportsbooks are cropping up every now and then in the Garden State. So naturally, the more competition, the better it is for us gamblers. However, when on the lookout for a new sportsbook in New Jersey, zeroing in on one from them can be a bit daunting. If that is the case, then you should undoubtedly check out our guides and reviews at NJ x Gambling, where our experts have also ranked the best sportsbooks in NJ based on various vital factors.

🤑Do new sportsbooks in NJ have bonus offers?

Betting sites offer bonuses and run promos to attract new players. However, not all bonus offers are worth the trouble. In fact, we have seen numerous instances of unreasonable conditions and wagering requirements attached to the offers. So, check out the latest NJ sportsbook bonus reviews at NJ x Gambling before joining a new sportsbook in New Jersey for their bonus.

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